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Providing businesses with complete shipping services
and great customer service.

For over 30 years, Unishippers franchise owners have offered customers the competitive shipping advantages and
personalized attention they deserve. Our customers love our multitude of products, exceptional customer service and
state-of-the-art technology and tools. For a quick look at the six most common shipping challenges small- to mid-sized
businesses face today and how a 3PL like Unishippers solves them, check out 6 Reasons Why SMBs Love 3PLs.

Our Product Suite
Unishippers offers a full portfolio of shipping options to meet just about any business' specific needs and is one of the largest
authorized resellers of UPS® express and ground shipping. Our comprehensive product suite includes:

Our Product Suite

Our Platinum Service
Our commitment to always providing exceptional shipping value, is what has made Unishippers successful. We deliver on that
commitment with Unishippers Platinum Service. With Platinum Service, customers are always guaranteed:

Our Platinum Service

Our Technology & Tools
Unishippers customers enjoy the convenience of state-of-the-art shipping tools that help them save time and money on their
freight and express shipping.

Unishippers Express ManagerUnishippers Express Manager®
The industry's most advanced online express shipping tool allows customers to compare
rates and delivery options, create or track UPS® shipments, create detailed reports and more.


Unishippers Freight ManagerUnishippers Freight Manager®
This premium online freight management system takes the hassle out of shipping. Customers
can get multiple quotes in seconds, compare costs and timing, convert quotes to BOLs and
much more.