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Answers to the questions prospective owners ask most.

What franchise opportunities are currently available?
Unishippers has limited options available, please contact us for more information.
Do I have to have shipping experience?
Yes. We are looking for individual with a proven track record of sales success in the transportation or logistics industry.
How long does it take for most franchises to realize a profit?
Profitability timelines vary depending on the market, your willingness to invest the necessary time and effort, and other factors.
Can I do this part-time?
No. To be successful, you need to devote your full attention to building your business. If you are in a partnership, at least one person needs to commit full-time to the Unishippers franchise.
What are the typical work hours for a franchise owner?
It varies, and depends to some extent on the number of employees (if any) a new franchise owner chooses to hire. In general, once you are profitable, the bulk of the work is done during normal business hours, leaving you free to enjoy time in the evenings and on the weekends for family, friends, and outside interests.
How much money can I expect to make with a Unishippers franchise?
That depends on many factors, including your commitment to making your franchise successful.
Is there a difference in cost between new and existing franchise locations?
Yes. Prices for existing franchise locations are decided solely between the buyer and the seller, and can vary greatly based on territory size, existing customer base and profitability.
Do I have to live in the city where I'll be operating my franchise, or can I do this long distance?
With our National Franchise model, you can operate your business from any location in the country. For franchise types with territory, you generally need to live in or within driving distance of your franchise territory.
Can I talk to other franchise owners?
Yes. We believe it is important to talk to other owners and get a realistic idea of what you can expect. We will provide you with a complete list of existing owners for you to talk to after you've completed the first round of the exploratory process.
What are the royalty rates?
Our royalty payments, unlike some franchise opportunities, are based on Gross Profit Margin instead of revenue. Our royalties also depend on the product sold: 18.5% of Gross Profit Margin on shipments zero to 150 pounds and 15% of Gross Profit Margin on shipments over 150 pounds.
How do you define Gross Profit Margin in your business?
Gross Profit Margin means the Gross Sales Volume less the cost of carrier services that is billed to and paid by you to a carrier (but not less any related costs paid by you, such as royalties, sales commissions, marketing expenses etc.).
Does Unishippers have any programs or discounts for Veterans?
Unishippers is committed to supporting our veterans with special incentives that make franchise ownership more affordable. Unishippers offers a 20% discount off the initial franchise fees for veterans as a part of the International Franchise Association's veteran program.For more information about Unishippers Veteran Programs and franchise ownership discounts, please call (800) 999-8721.

*This estimate is for a new franchise and does not reflect the cost to purchase an existing franchise.