Franchise Process

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Franchise ownership is closer than you think.

The complete process for purchasing a Unishippers franchise, from first contact to close, typically takes about 90 days. Your own experience may go faster or slower, depending on the availability of your desired location and the time you need to gather and submit all necessary materials.

Submit a Franchise Inquiry Form
1. Contact Unishippers
Contact Unishippers for more information on all our opportunities.

Preliminary Discussions and Exploration
2. Preliminary Discussions and Exploration
After the initial conversations, if you and the Franchise Development Representative both agree that Unishippers
could be the right fit, you will enter the exploratory phase. This phase includes talking to existing franchise owners.
It also includes a review of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You will be asked to submit additional
information including a Franchise Application, a resume and financial information, as well as a business plan. This
is a good time for you to ask questions and discuss available opportunities and markets.
Discovery Day
3. Discovery Day
If your application is accepted, you will be invited to visit our Support Center in Salt Lake City. This process, known as Discovery Day, will give you exposure to Unishippers executives, department leaders and support systems. Discovery
Day will give you all of the information and insight you need to determine if this is the right opportunity for you.
Franchise Award Decision
4. Franchise Award Decision
Shortly after the Discovery Day, you will be notified of our decision regarding your franchise ownership.
Sign Franchise Agreement
5. Sign Franchise Agreement
Once all required items are submitted and approved, you will sign the necessary paperwork to finalize your
franchise purchase and signify your membership in the Unishippers family.
Set-up and Training
6. Setup and Training
Once your franchise agreement is executed, you will immediately begin the process of getting your franchise set-up,
and will complete extensive training that will help ensure that you are ready to run a successful Unishippers franchise.