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Responsive, qualified professionals working for you!

One of the many benefits of owning a Unishippers franchise is having access to a host of professional support services from our
Salt Lake City based Support Center. We've got a team of dedicated experts always looking out for your needs, leaving you to focus
on building your business.

Wanda Seiber
Franchise Relations and Support
Franchise Relations and Support
Unishippers maintains a dedicated Franchise
Relations and Support (FRS) group to assist you
with your day-to-day administrative and customer
service support needs. Our support group is divided
by regions, and each franchise has an assigned
FRS consultant that serves as the sole contact for
any issue. With mulitple consultants and new owner
specialists, we can guarantee one-on-one attention
and access when you need it most.
No matter what your background or level of sales experience, every owner (and their sales
representatives) will benefit from our intensive sales training. As a new owner, you will participate in
realistic learning environments, including live telephone labs, computer workshops and virtual classes.

After you return home, a Unishippers consultant will visit your office and provide you with one-on-one
coaching and support to help you build and refine your sales skills. We also offer ongoing sales tips
and training to help you continually expand your skills.
From basic brand guidelines to regular email programs and social media, Corporate Marketing has
a full spectrum of printed and electronic materials for you to access. They can advise you on which
components are best for your situation, help you understand how to utilize them more effectively and
answer any questions.

An effective sales process is critical to the growth and profitability of every Unishippers franchise.
As a sales-driven organization, we have invested in top-tier sales management talent to assist you,
and have developed a proprietary sales process that helps equip our owners for success. Our
Regional Sales Managers are available to work with you through one-on-one coaching as you
execute your sales plan and build your business. In addition, you'll be armed with our intensive
sales training, lead generation processes, research and technology.
Technology & Tools
Technology & Tools
Our in-house technology team is focused on providing owners and customers alike with leading-edge,
yet user-friendly, online applications and software programs. Our staff developers understand the unique
needs of the shipping industry, and are continually enhancing our proprietary software solutions, adding
convenient features, easier interfaces, and faster functionality.

Our industry leading solutions and robust shipping tools will help your customers save even more time
and money. And franchise owners will save time and trouble with our customized customer relationship
management and billing software programs. All of our tools are web-based, minimizing the need for
local involvement and IT expertise at the franchise level.