Franchising vs Logistics Agent

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Helping you understand the differences between logistics agent programs
and franchising.

When considering your career options in the transportation and third party logistics (3PL) industries, despite the promises of logistics agent programs, owning your own franchise business really does beat being an agent.

Logistics agent programs have grown quickly in the last decade by offering entrepreneurs the chance to "be your own boss" by reselling transportation services while promoting unlimited earning potential and a low cost of entry. And while the differences in up-front costs are important to note between the two options, the amount of gross profit you keep and long-term growth potential are equally as important points to consider when choosing your career path.

Established franchisors like Unishippers offer unique benefits that logistics agent programs can't. Here are just a few of the ways franchising trumps logistics agent programs:

For an in-depth look at all the key differences between the logistics agent model and franchising, download this free whitepaper.