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A simple concept and a structure that enables growth and success.

Unishippers is focused on just one thing: helping small and medium-sized businesses save money on their shipping
needs while also giving them the exceptional service they deserve. For over 30 years, we've perfected the model
for making that work:

Unishippers leverages the combined shipping volume of more than 50,000 customers to negotiate great rates
with our network of carriers, and ensures that each customer gets the best possible rates.
Unishippers partners with reliable, major carriers, including UPS®, Saia®, YRC Freight, Estes and UPS Freight® to
handle the pickup, transport and delivery of customers' shipments. The carriers do all of the heavy lifting, while you
provide the support and savings.
Unishippers provides customers a complete portfolio of shipping services and flexible shipping solutions -
all from one company, and with just one consolidated bill.
Unishippers develops and maintains proprietary, customer-facing shipping programs and internal CRM and
billing systems, and also offers ongoing training to assist franchisees with managing their business.
Unishippers provides leading edge, easy-to-use transportation management systems, such as Express Manager
and Freight Manager, to help customers manage their shipping more easily.
Franchisees identify small- and mid-sized businesses, assess their shipping needs, and present a custom
proposal for shipping services.
Franchisees set the customer up to start shipping, and provide them with the supplies, training, and access to
online shipping tools they will need.
Franchisees provide their customers with exceptional customer service, support and shipping consultancy that
they simply can't get if they go directly to the carriers.