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See what makes a successful franchisee.

One of the best ways to determine if a Unishippers franchise is right for you is to learn more about some of our current franchise owners. Read through these stories, selected from more than 100 franchisees, and see if there's something here that resonates with you.

Janine Ahlstedt
A lifelong achiever, Janine's success doesn't surprise anyone. But in addition to hard work, she says that persistence and creativity are critical to creating the kind of business she wants to run. Janine notes "Explore every opportunity. With Unishippers, it's all up to you. Nobody else is controlling your future." Read Read More Video Watch Video

Ted Arnoldus
For Ted Arnoldus, being a Unishippers franchise owner was a natural fit and played into his strengths and background. Ted remarks "The opportunity here is really unlimited, and it all comes down to your desire to get your hands dirty and go out and sell and really underscore the core values of Unishippers." Read Read More Video Watch Video

JP Budd
As one of Unishippers most successful new franchise owners and a military veteran, JP Budd has a unique perspective on life as Unishippers franchisee. "While you are making a transition from military life to civilian life, Unishippers is definitely an opportunity you should look into. If you never had a sales background, if you never owned a business, there are things in place at Unishippers that can help you out." Video Watch Video

Ron Kornafel
When he opened his first franchise, Ron thought he knew exactly what it would take to be successful: a lot of hard work, and adherence to the drills he'd been teaching for months. But Ron says that even he is surprised by just how easily success has come. Ron's promise to new franchisees: "Unishippers is failure-proof if you follow the guidelines." Read Read More Video Watch Video

Terrell Barkett
Terrell always knew he wanted to be self-employed, and his list of non-negotiable criteria was pretty lengthy. He wanted a service-based business, ongoing customer contact, the opportunity to earn residual income and a tried and true process. All of these criteria led Terrell right to Unishippers – the concept was unique, the opportunity seemed almost limitless and the flexibility fit right into his lifestyle. Read Read More Video Watch Video

The Nichols Family
The Nichols family is the picture of success: multiple thriving franchises, a new 7,500 square foot, custom-built headquarters and a vibrant family dynamic. It's a vision the family couldn't begin to imagine in 1984, when tragedy struck the family. Read Read More

Wanda Sieber
After Wanda learned more about Unishippers, she decided that becoming a franchise owner was a risk she and her husband could take. Almost twenty years later, it's clear that the risk has certainly paid off. The business has provided steady employment for the entire family, including Wanda's six children. "The future is bright," she says. Read Read More Video Watch Video

Chris Cadigan
When Chris decided that he wanted to go into business for himself, he was determined to find an opportunity within his current industry of shipping. In 2009, when Chris started talking to Unishippers, he quickly realized that the business model would work for him. Chris explains "I get to set my time... I'm able to carve out quality time with my family – and that's something that I didn't really have before." Read Read More Video Watch Video

Mark Ware
Mark finds it liberating to be his own boss, and he loves the opportunity to be entrepreneurial. But more than that, he loves the flexibility he gets with Unishippers. He can adjust his schedule around the hectic lives of his wife and four daughters, and get to most of their sporting events and school activities. Read Read More Video Watch Video

A Day in the Life of a Unishippers Franchisee
From prospecting and assessing businesses needs to balancing work and family and everything in between, experience a day in the life of a Unishippers franchise owner. Video Watch Video