Is Unishippers Right For Me?

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A quick guide to help you determine if Unishippers franchise ownership
is a good fit for you.

Would you like to start your own business but want to avoid long hours and exorbitant start-up costs? Take a closer look at why Unishippers franchise ownership could be the perfect solution for you.

Is Unishippers Right For Me?
  • Sales Experience - If you have a proven track record of success in sales and are comfortable cold calling and networking with prospects, Unishippers is right for you!
  • Industry Experience - Unishippers is currently looking for individuals who have experience working in either the transportation or logistics industry.
  • Customer Consultation - Do you love acting as a consultant and conducting
    analyses? Our franchise owners assist customers, analyze their shipping process
    and provide consultation and logistical support.
  • Financial Stability - As with most businesses, owning a Unishippers franchise
    requires an upfront financial investment. We want to ensure that you have realistic
    income expectations and have the required support system in place while you get
    your business up and running.