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Former logistics sales professionals tell all.

The thought of venturing out to start your own business after working in the logistics industry can be a little intimidating. But these logistics
professionals turned Unishippers franchisees candidly share why they decided to take the plunge, what the experience was like - and why
it's not so scary after all.

Geographic Flexibility
Why did you finally decide to make the switch and open your
own Unishippers franchise?

I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny. I felt like I gave so much to my
previous company for so many years with little in return. Unishippers gave me
the opportunity for uncapped income and the flexibility to do what I needed to
grow my business.

Brian Bailey
Former District Sales Manager (DHL Express)

Low Cost of Entry
How was moving from working in the transportation
industry to owning your own franchise?

The transition was seamless. I was already familiar with the freight industry,
terms, services and sales.

Robert DerMgrdichian
Former Terminal and Sales Manager

Greater Market Availability
Given your prior experience in the industry, what did you find the most valuable as you started
your own business?

I think the most valuable thing was my contacts. You already know what they are getting from their current provider and
what we can do differently to better support their needs. Also, knowing the industry and how it worked allowed me to build
a customer service operation tailored to what I believe is missing in the industry.

Brian Bailey
Former District Sales Manager (DHL Express)

Increased Sales Potential
If you could do it all over again, would you?
Absolutely, I would do it all over again and recommend to anyone that is successful at selling to take the chance. If you are
already successful selling in the industry - that will not change.

Robert DerMgrdichian
Former Terminal and Sales Manager