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An exceptional network keeps Unishippers on top.

With our network of more than 30 leading national, regional and local shipping providers including UPS, YRC Freight, Saia, Estes
and UPS Freight, we're able to provide our customers with specialized and reliable shipping services at the lowest available prices
backed by exceptional customer service. We offer a full range of shipping services including both LTL and FTL freight, international,
express and ground through our diverse carrier network.


We're proud to be one of the largest authorized resellers of UPS shipping services in the country.
UPS delivers more guaranteed packages around the globe than any other carrier and delivers to
literally every address in North America and Europe.

Our impressive network of over 30 freight carriers includes these trusted leaders:

YRC FreightYRC Freight
YRC Freight specializes in industrial, commercial, and retail transportation throughout Canada,
Mexico, and the U.S. YRC Freight provides a full range of services to its customers, including
reliable two-day, three-day and coast-to-coast service and guaranteed delivery time frames.
For over 80 years, Saia has been a trusted name in LTL freight. With over 8,000 one- and
two-day lanes, the company is known for its quick, dependable multi-regional service throughout
the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
Estes Express Lines provides its customers with award-winning, multi-regional freight services,
and expedited delivery options. Shipping options including full trailer load and LTL freight
services are available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, plus all ten Canadian provinces and
major markets in Mexico.
UPS FreightUPS Freight®
UPS Freight is a nationwide regional carrier with premium long-haul capabilities. Through a
network of 170 service centers serving more than 45,000 points in all 50 states, Canada and
Mexico, UPS Freight is the first trucking company to offer guaranteed pickup service.

Unishippers Carrier Network Also Includes: